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Act Now

What a beautiful planet we live on. 

The fish in the seas, the stable climate and soils, the intricate ecosystems which work together to support and nurture us all. It’s the only place we know of in the universe like it. And how deeply so many of us take it for granted.

On humanity’s current course, this planet we think we know and love will be destroyed.  

Ecosystem collapse, mass extinction, and the climate crisis pose imminent existential threats to life, within the lifetimes of many of us alive now, and most certainly our children. It may be too late to stop this, yet with everything at stake, what is the meaning of our lives?

We do not have to stand by while our institutions and inertia destroy our planet and future.

Through massive non-violent civil disobedience, we still have a chance to change this course. What will you choose?

Join the rebellion